Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) is a spot for 1600 organizations worldwide, completing every UAE task. Set up in 1996, DAFZA is necessary for the UAE government towards a venture driven economy. DAFZA is one of the dashing developing free zones. There are different Dubai Airport Free Zone companies present in DAFZA, similar to flying, cargo and coordination, IT and broadcast communications, drugs, designing, food and drink, gems, and beautifiers.

Dubai Airport Free Zone is situated close to Dubai International Airport, which gives various luxuries to the business set up in DAFZA. Worldwide speculators receive the incredible rewards from the dynamic development of this Dubai Free Zone, through the free exchange zone’s phenomenal duty and venture motivators. Companies In Dubai Airport Free Zone has a substantial lead and if you want to Set Up A Company In Dubai Airport Free Zone, so keep reading our blog. We have shared and explained everything from Dafza License Fees to Dafza Company Formation.

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is a directive body in Dubai Airport Free Area, which handles all the business authorizing and nominations. DAFZA has a favorable topographical position as it fills in as a scaffold between the Middle East and African Markets alongside Europe and different Asia pieces. Company Registration In Dafza is pretty much less complicated. DAFZA gives an excellent chance to new organizations eager to set up their quality in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Dubai Airport Free Zone Map is the place to go with if you want to know anything. Dafza Application Form can be spot on their official site.

Points of interest of Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone 

DAFZA gives numerous business points of interest to the organizations built up under it. The following is the Dubai Airport Free zone Authority, Activities List. Here is a portion of the preferences you get for organization arrangement in the Dubai Airport Free Zone:

  • ➔ Complete corporate duty exclusion
  • ➔ 100% individual personal duty exclusion
  • ➔ 100% of unfamiliar organization possession
  • ➔ Freedom of bringing home of capital and benefits
  • ➔ The vital area adjoining Dubai International Airport
  • ➔ Fantastic foundation and offices
  • ➔ Committed coordination’s place and broad payload taking care of offices
  • ➔ Organizations can work 24 hours every day
  • ➔ First-class foundation for organizations
  • ➔ Direct admittance to government offices like movement, customs, and so forth.
  • ➔ A solitary stop for all the managerial administrations
  • ➔ Fast and straightforward admittance to more than 220 nations through 130 aircrafts’ help

Kinds of licenses Available in DAFZA

Organizations ready to begin their business under DAFZA can pick from any of the four permits to operate and start their activities. They even have an alternative of double authorizing in DAFZ. For the Dubai Airport Free Zone Registration, you can apply online. The various kinds of permits to operate are:

  1. Exchange License 

We are exchanging exercises, including import, trade, re-fare, dispersion, and capacity of direct items. These exercises are allowed to the holder of an exchange permit Dubai Airport Free Zone.

  1. Administration License 

An assistance permit is intended for administration arranged organizations and empowers a substance to offer types of assistance indicated in the license.

  1. Mechanical License

A money manager who is happy to convey light assembling modern exercises, bundling and collecting can pick a mechanical permit.

  1. General Trading License

An overall exchanging permit Dubai permits its holder to exchange general exercises including import, send out, re-fare, store, and convey. A comprehensive exchanging license gives the holder to exchange over 2 item classifications.

You Should Know About

Admissible Legal Entities in DAFZA

Including Dubai Airport Free Zone Setup Cost, DAFZA licenses two kinds of legitimate elements to build up their activity in this Dubai free zone, though Dubai Free Zone License Cost varies differently:

  1. Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A Free Zone Establishment have to satisfy the accompanying requisite:

  • ➔ It needs to have between 1 to 50 investors [an investor can be an individual or a corporate body]
  • ➔ The base capital required AED 1,000
  • ➔ Every offer require to be in the division of AED 1,000
  1. Branch Office of a Company

Any foreign company can open its branch office in the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ); here, no base capital requires.

The cycle of Business Setup in Dubai Airport Free Zone

DAFZA, the administrative assortment of DAFZ, has kept up an efficient cycle of organization enrollment in the free zone. The process is necessary and straightforward, making it bother free for organizations to begin their business in DAFZ. The cycle of a company enlistment in DAFZ requires three short strides to follow:

  1. Choose the Business Entity, License, and Facility

The opening step should choose one from legitimate business substances, i.e., a Free Zone Establishment or a Branch Office.

After choosing the business element, the following thing would pick the necessary permit to operate – as per your business activity.

The next decision would choose the correct office for your business area. DAFZA gives a changed scope of business workplaces, light modern units, fitted office spaces, and cooperating spaces for your business activities.

  1. Present the Documents

For organization arrangement in Dubai Airport Free Zone, you have to present the accompanying reports to DAFZA:

  • ➢ Application structure
  • ➢ Letter of Intent
  • ➢ Your current organization leaflet (if accessible)
  • ➢ Yearly budgetary report or shareholder(s)’ half-year bank explanation (not pertinent for new enrollment)
  • ➢ Duplicate of the chief’s visa and his/her CV
  • ➢ Duplicate of shareholder(s)’ visa and CV
  • ➢ Unique bank reference letter for every investor
  • ➢ No-Objection Letter by a current patron for the administrator

You are starting approval(s) from the outside experts if your business movement requires such endorsements, e.g., for media, IT, drug organizations, and so on. This plan can take up to 2 to 5 months.

  1. Gather Your Business License

The last advance for your organization development in DAFZ, before the beginning of your business activity, is:

  • Consenting to the rent arrangement
  • Installment of charges and gathering your permit to operate

Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the most dominating spots for beginning a business in the UAE’s modern segment and beginning to exchange the International Markets of Africa, Europe, and Asia. Dubai Airport Free zone Company Registration is simple and cost-effective.


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